Web Garden Consulting, LLC

You’ve made the switch to Gutenberg (the new WordPress editor) and you’re trying to build beautiful content. But the default blocks that come with Gutenberg just aren’t cutting it…

I build custom, reusable Gutenberg blocks to fill this need.

  • Want a slideshow next to a text area with a title and CTA button? (See Slideshow / CTA)
  • A new header or footer block for your blog posts? (Check Out these blog intros / outros)
  • Need to fulfill a specific and complicated layout, but don’t know how to code? (Here are a few examples)
  • How about displaying elements from a custom post type as a gallery of cards with filters and on-page controls? (Check These Out)
  • Or better yet, how about a simple game you can play in your browser? (Play Memory)

All of those ideas can be (and have been) built into reusable gutenberg blocks for my clients. As far as functionality goes, the sky is the limit — what can we imagine together?