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The Art of Search Engine Optimization

Every moment of every day, search engines are indexing information from around the web & serving it to billions of people across the world. Our proprietary techniques, developed by Dave, optimize your site from the inside out ensuring that the information you want your customers to see can be found on search engines and ultimately reach their screens.

Passive SEO

The back-end optimization on your website which “feeds” search engines in such a manner that highlights relevant keywords, phrases, images, videos, etc specific to your business, products and services. Along with tidy coding, mobile readiness, well-written content & several proprietary techniques I have developed to increase said optimization, we get your site found and connect you to your customers like never before.

Indexing and Post-Design Optimization

The most import thing after your site gets indexed is that when users make it to your site, they have a fast, smooth and enjoyable experience. Submitting your site to search engines such as Google and Bing/Yahoo + submitting listings for your business to Google & Apple Maps (if you have a physical location), Google My Business and any other business listing sites you wish you join such as Yelp, LinkedIn, Facebook Biz Page, etc are all critical components to building a healthy “digital landscape”.

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