The Art of Search Engine Optimization

Every moment of every day, search engines are indexing information from around the web & serving it to billions of people across the world. Our proprietary techniques, developed by Dave, optimize your site from the inside out ensuring that the information you want your customers to see reaches their screens. There Are 2 Basic Components Of SEO: Active & Passive.

Active SEO

A combination of Link-Building: Social Media, Blogging, etc & Online Advertising/Marketing. We show you how to:

  • Manage your advertising budget effectively
  • Initiate social media campaigns that funnel traffic to your site
  • Teach you the ins & outs of blogging like a pro on your WordPress site
  • & much more!

Passive SEO

The back-end optimization on your website which “feeds” search engines in such a manner that highlights relevant keywords, phrases, images, videos, etc specific to your business, products and services. Along with tidy coding, mobile readiness, well-written content & several proprietary techniques I have developed to increase said optimization, we get your site found and connect you to your customers like never before.

It all comes down to…

Link Building
We will work with you to create a strategy tailored specifically for your website and your goals
Social Media
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc can all be effective tools for funnelling traffic/potential customers to your website; we teach you how.
Online Advertising
We have designed more than 40 ad campaigns with positive ROIs and help you word and design campaigns with AdWords, Facebook & Re-targetting campaigns.
Back-End Optimization
Our proprietary techniques fully optimize each page and post on your site for optimal indexing by Google and other search engines.


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