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Template Time: style.css

Lately I have been focusing on creating content to contribute to the world at large and am proud to announce that the first piece is READY! I have written a style.css file for use by WordPress developers (or just anyone creating a website with WordPress) using Theme Duplicator to make Child Themes. Here’s a link Template Time: style.css

Child Themes Demystified

Building a WordPress Site? That’s wonderful – we love WordPress! Creating your site using the WordPress CMS platform is kind of like building a car. Not everyone knows how to build one, but most people can drive! In the same way, customizing a WordPress theme the right way can be quite confusing, so today I Child Themes Demystified

Mobile CSS Media Queries

Mobile CSS Media Queries: Many people have been writing to ask me about mobile CSS for WordPress and often the best answer I can give without going into an incredible amount of detail is to resize your browser and find the “break points” of your theme. A Break Point is where, in the course of Mobile CSS Media Queries