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Facebook’s Latest Algorithm: Meaningful Social Interaction
What Is Meaningful Social Interaction and Why Does Facebook Care? The answer to that is… complicated, but not unexpected. Facebook wants to increase meaningful social interaction and is taking s
Oh, Hello HTTP/2… SSL & Why You Need It
SSL? HTTP? HTTPS? HTTP/2? What’re those? At the dawn of the age of the internet (~1991), a man name Tim Berners-Lee came up with an idea that he dubbed Hypertext Transfer Protocol or HTTP for sh
Template Time: style.css
Lately I have been focusing on creating content to contribute to the world at large and am proud to announce that the first piece is READY! I have written a style.css file for use by WordPress develop
Child Themes Demystified
Building a WordPress Site? That’s wonderful – we love WordPress! Creating your site using the WordPress CMS platform is kind of like building a car. Not everyone knows how to build one, bu
Mobile CSS Media Queries
Mobile CSS Media Queries: Many people have been writing to ask me about mobile CSS for WordPress and often the best answer I can give without going into an incredible amount of detail is to resize you
Want to Post Recipes in WordPress? Look No Further!
In just a phrase, WP Ultimate Recipe is fantastic! If you have a self-hosted WordPress blog, write about food and want the ability to post recipes easily with tons of extra features, this is the best
Introducing “Benny” a.k.a. WordPress 4.0!
WordPress is Pleased to Present “Benny” a.k.a WordPress 4.0 I normally don’t go through the trouble of posting about WordPress itself, however the latest edition of WordPress is BLOW
Widgets! Wait… Widgets? Yep… Widgets!
What are widgets exactly, you ask? They are modular tools in WordPress that developers can use to make adding/editing content by users EASY! And, all users LOVE easy, right?
Tagging for Maximum Views
Tagging for Maximum Views Why Is Tagging Soo Important? Consider this scenario: two facebook pages for two nearly identical businesses (A Inc & B Corp) each with 500 followers post nearly identic
Plugin Spotlight: TablePress
Introducing TablePress – the last table you’ll ever need! Tired of HTML Tables? So Are We! TablePress is a great little plugin that allows users to create sortable tables using a graphical
Dimensions of Social Media Images
Twitter! According to Twitter Help Center: they suggest the following dimensions:
Plugin Spotlight: Custom Contact Forms
Custom Contact Forms Custom Contact Forms is an incredibly useful plugin that allows you to create contact forms in an easy-to-use graphical interface and then use a shortcode to display the form on a
Plugin Spotlight: WordPress SEO by Yoast
This is a MUST-HAVE for Every WordPress-Based Site WordPress SEO by Yoast improves upon the “out-of-the-box” optimization which is already pretty good. In fact WordPress was recently named
Web Garden is Powered by 300% Renewable Energy | Green Geeks!
We Went “Green” w/GreenGeeks Hosting The content you are about to see (and all the rest of the content on this site) is powered by 300% renewable energy made from the wind! Wait… 300
Plugin Spotlight: bxslider Integration for WordPress
bxslider Integration for WordPress bxslider replaces the built-in WordPress gallery shortcode with a fully customizable slider that can be used by anyone! The majority of sites I design include a bxsl
5 Tips For Every Blogger!
Often clients ask, “I want to start blogging, but I have no idea how to… help?” So I’ve put together these 5 pro tips on how to blog effectively.
Thanks for your patience! We finally finished our design revisions and are pleased to present our updated website! It is full of useful information and exhibits many of the features our clients ask fo
Plugin Spotlight: Easy Fancybox
This week’s Web Garden Plugin Spotlight is: Easy Fancybox!   This fancy little plugin can help make your site stand out! It allows you to display content on your site in “light-box
Plugin Spotlight: Google Analytics Dashboard for WP
Google Analytics is a must have for every site. The information it puts at your finger-tips can inform your online marketing strategies, tweak your content to match your visitors needs and track wheth