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Plugin Spotlight: Easy Fancybox

This week’s Web Garden Plugin Spotlight is:

Easy Fancybox!

This fancy little plugin can help make your site stand out! It allows you to display content on your site in “light-box” style windows that popup over your site content. This can be great for several reasons:

  • Images: You can post thumbnail or medium-sized images on your site with links to the full size media file. That way a user can click on the image and take a closer look. Why do it this way? Your site loads faster as it doesn’t make an image display request to your file server until the click is actually performed. It also has the result of not requiring the user to change pages at all (no clicking on a back button required!)
  • Video: YouTube Videos display nicely using Easy Fancybox as well. They can also be embedded in simle links that you can post anywhere without taking up too much room on your site. That’s pretty fancy functionality for, let’s say a simple widget list of videos on a sidebar that you don’t want stretching down into infinity.
  • PDFs: Displaying PDFs is automatic once you enable it in the Media Settings! All your PDFs will appear in popups with attractive-looking buttons for downloading, increasing the view-size, etc.
  • last, but not least – iFrames! This is a great tool for displaying external links on your site WITHOUT EVER LEAVING YOUR PAGE! Perhaps the most powerful feature of all that Easy Fancybox has to offer! Using this tactic is statistically proven to reduce your bounce rate

I highly recommend this plugin to anyone looking to improve their user engagement and reduce their bounce rates!

Email Dave with questions about the installation/configuration of Easy Fancybox.