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Template Time: style.css

Lately I have been focusing on creating content to contribute to the world at large and am proud to announce that the first piece is READY! I have written a style.css file for use by WordPress developers (or just anyone creating a website with WordPress) using Theme Duplicator to make Child Themes. Here’s a link

Want to Post Recipes in WordPress? Look No Further!

In just a phrase, WP Ultimate Recipe is fantastic! If you have a self-hosted WordPress blog, write about food and want the ability to post recipes easily with tons of extra features, this is the best plugin on the market that I have found.

Introducing “Benny” a.k.a. WordPress 4.0!

WordPress is Pleased to Present “Benny” a.k.a WordPress 4.0 I normally don’t go through the trouble of posting about WordPress itself, however the latest edition of WordPress is BLOWING ME AWAY! Here’s Why: Seamless Media Embed in Post Edit – At first I was thinking, “Meh… so??” – but this feature is actually pretty cool!

Tagging for Maximum Views


Tagging for Maximum Views Why Is Tagging Soo Important? Consider this scenario: two facebook pages for two nearly identical businesses (A Inc & B Corp) each with 500 followers post nearly identical articles at the same time on the same day. A Inc’s post gets 327 views in the first day and B Corp’s post

5 Tips For Every Blogger!

Often clients ask, “I want to start blogging, but I have no idea how to… help?” So I’ve put together these 5 pro tips on how to blog effectively.