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Want to Post Recipes in WordPress? Look No Further!


In just a phrase, WP Ultimate Recipe is fantastic! If you have a self-hosted WordPress blog, write about food and want the ability to post recipes easily with tons of extra features, this is the best plugin on the market that I have found.

And what’s better is the free version does most of what you’d want it to do! The creators offer a premium version for those who seek the full range of features; more details here.

WP Ultimate Recipe: Features

I have broken down the features into three groups, partly because visually that’s how the plugin is laid out (at least in the free version) and partly because I feel it follows the natural flow of cooking!

1) Featured Image, Ingredients and Scaling

recipe demoThe WP Ultimate Recipe Plugin offers an attractive recipe layout that automatically pulls your Featured Image directly into the layout. Additionally it displays your ingredients list, gives you the option of grouping ingredients (think wet & dry, etc) and links them together cross-recipe; meaning you can click on any one ingredient and get an archive-style list of all recipes on your site that contain that ingredient. This is a great feature for those looking to inspire creativity in the kitchen. On the topic of creativity in the kitchen, wouldn’t it be great if you could automatically scale recipes to feed any number of potential guests? Well, WP Ultimate Recipes delivers! You can easily scale recipes with a simple drop-down menu. Click on the thumbnail to see a larger, more detailed screen-shot of a demo recipe heading & ingredient list.

2) Instructions / Groups / Step-Images

Instructions can be broken down into groups that go along with specific ingredients or simply different phases of the instructions-etcrecipe. Each step can have an image that shows specific techniques or what something should look like, I find this to be one of the most useful features of the WordPress WP Ultimate Recipe Plugin because I’m a visual person and knowing how something should look or what tools are being used greatly improves my understanding of any process.

3) Notes & Sharing

In the kitchen it’s great to compare notes too, WP Ultimate Recipe provides for this as well! The author can include notes about the recipe, describe allergy considerations, suggest ingredient alternatives, etc. At the bottom of the recipe, as a reader sees it on your site, there are sharing buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ so your readers can spread the love all around!

Thanks to the Development Team at WP Ultimate Recipe!

I have really enjoyed using this plugin and my clients love it too. I encourage all of you to give it a try. As always feel free to reach out via email, dave@webgardenllc.com.