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Introducing “Benny” a.k.a. WordPress 4.0!

WordPress is Pleased to Present “Benny” a.k.a WordPress 4.0

I normally don’t go through the trouble of posting about WordPress itself, however the latest edition of WordPress is BLOWING ME AWAY!

Here’s Why:

  • Seamless Media Embed in Post Edit – At first I was thinking, “Meh… so??” – but this feature is actually pretty cool! You can now see your YouTube Videos, Tweets, and other embeddable media in the post edit screen exactly how it will appear to your site visitors! I can’t tell you how many times I end up clicking on the “Preview” button just to check if the embed code is working – no longer an issue! Huge time saver, thank you WordPress!!
  • Permanent Toolbars in Post Edit Screen – ever feel like all you do is scroll up and down your post edit screens to get to different buttons, change font size, etc, etc? Well say goodbye to that headache! WordPress 4.0 keeps your tool bar in your view window offering a content focused user experience while in edit mode; this works on Posts and Pages!
  • Plugin Browsing Upgrade – Shopping for plugins takes time in older versions of WordPress. “Benny” brings with it a whole new experience. Plugins are listed in a ‘shop-esque’ format where you get a description/image of the plugin without needing to click on anything. In addition you can also see reviews without needing to leave your WordPress Dashboard!
  • Media Library Grid Upgrade – Whether I like the infinite scroll or updated single image edit mode better, I can’t choose. This upgrade was much needed in my opinion and has already made my WordPress Media experience better!

Although those are not the only changes in the “Benny” revision of WordPress, the many other changes are behind the scenes and result in faster load times for WordPress sites and a smoother user experience for you and your site visitors.

Enjoy WordPress 4.0 “Benny” & Share this Review with Your Friends!

Here’s the official release video: