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Web Garden is Powered by 300% Renewable Energy | Green Geeks!

We Went “Green” w/GreenGeeks Hosting

The content you are about to see (and all the rest of the content on this site) is powered by 300% renewable energy made from the wind! Wait… 300%? How does that work?

Allow Me To Introduce:


We selected Green Geeks Web Hosting for their commitment to the environment and providing their customers (including us) with excellent web hosting services at affordable prices. In this sense they are 100% values aligned with our mission at Web Garden Consulting!

Green Geeks made a commitment to not only offset the energy their servers use completely, but actually to purchase more offsets above and beyond the energy they consume, 2x more specifically. Or in other words for every Mega Watt of energy used by GreenGeeks, 3 Mega Watts is purchased – that’s 300%!! This alone would be enough to entice me away from the clutches of GoDaddy / Network Solutions, but Green Geeks gives you even more! Within minutes of making our purchase, a live representative contacted us via online chat and was there to walk through any questions we had about getting started. That’s a nice perk, but what’s even better is that representative is now linked to our account and we can contact him anytime we have issues or questions. They really get to know their customers and that is what makes all the difference!


We Highly Recommend Green Geeks To Anyone Seeking Web or VPS Hosting

In Fact, We’re A Green Geeks Affiliate! Contact Us To Get Started!!