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Plugin Spotlight: bxslider Integration for WordPress

bxslider Integration for WordPress


bxslider replaces the built-in WordPress gallery shortcode with a fully customizable slider that can be used by anyone! The majority of sites I design include a bxslider slideshow; there’s even one on our Home Page!

As you can see on our Home Page, the slider can contain ANY combination of html5/CSS3 styled elements you wish; images, video, text, buttons, etc.

bxslider uses jQuery compiled into simple shortcodes “slider”, “next-slide” & “/slider” to signify the end of the slider content. As I indicated, ANY combination of html5/css3 elements can be contained in the slides you create, simply insert your code between the shortcodes I listed above and update your WordPress page/post to see the slider in action!

(Note: shortcodes are always bracketed like so… [SHORTCODE-HERE]. for example the “next-slide” shortcode would look like this: [“next-slide”] minus the quotes)

I highly recommend this plugin for creating fully-customizable html5/css3 sliders offering beauty and functionality to your userbase.

Feel free to email me with questions on the installation/configuration of bxslider Integration for WordPress.